The Power of Partnering

In 2008 Sencorp Inc. and White Systems merged to form SencorpWhite. While both companies were founded in 1947, their path to success were far different. Sencorp pursued markets in plastics packaging and White in automated storage and retrieval systems. Their go-to-market sales strategy varied with Sencorp having dedicated, direct sales and White utilizing distributors, representatives, consultants, and integrators.

While industry-leading and innovative, SencorpWhite products have been focused on well-defined market verticals, from consumer and medical thermoforming to hospital pharmacy automation. Leveraging over seventy-years of brand equity and customer service in the North American market, SencorpWhite entered into strategic partnerships with several European manufacturers of machines that complement our products.

In that light, I am pleased to announce SencorpWhite signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the United States and Canada with WM Thermoforming Machines of Stabio, Switzerland WM designs and manufactures both in-line and tilt-bed thermorformers that greatly expand SencorpWhite market presence. Their FC and Flex Series in-line thermoformers are all-electric with the size and through-put that complements SencorpWhite 2500 and ULTRA series thermoformers. The FT and Twist Series tilt-bed thermoformers, with optional extrusion and rimming stations, fulfills the market requirement for high-volume food container applications.

With our new partnership, SencorpWhite now offers an extended range of thermoforming technology for a broader range of applications. In addition, WM enters the North American market with a highly respected partner, and the expertise and service backed by over seventy years of experience.

I invite you to meet face-to-face with the WM-Sencorp team at the SPE Thermoforming Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 9 to 11 September In addition, we will be exhibiting at Pack Expo Las Vegas from 23 to 25 September and the K-Show in Dusseldorf, Germany from 16 to 23 October