SencorpWhite and Urania Engineering are pleased to announce the development of a strategic partnership that will link Urania’s innovative engineering solutions with SencorpWhite’s technical expertise and broad service capabilities in medical heat sealers.

This collaboration solidifies SencorpWhite’s commitment to providing with high performance heat sealing systems. Rotary band heat sealers are ideal for medium to high volume applications, making it the application of choice in medical device and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as food and dry bulk products.

Urania Engineering, based in Hazelton, PA, has a proud history of American engineering and innovation that spans more than 40 years, and is the leading manufacturer of rotary band heat sealing equipment. The company’s PouchPro and Packaging Answer systems are synonymous with innovation and efficiency in the packaging industry.  “We have been working closely with the SencorpWhite team and are confident that our relationship provides the potential for a long and mutually beneficial collaboration that provides increased value to our existing customer base and the expanding market for heat sealing and packaging equipment,” says Eric Curran, General Manager at Urania Engineering.

SencorpWhite, through its CeraTek and Accu-Seal sealing businesses, will provide greater market reach, enhanced technical support, and strengthened service capabilities. Drawing on its extensive industry knowledge and participation on ASTM and AAMI technical committees, CeraTek and Accu-Seal distinguish themselves by serving as a trusted partner to customers operating in FDA regulated industries like medical and food packaging.

“With this partnership, we have the ability to increase the breadth and reach of sealing markets and processes,” says Kent Hevenor, Vice President of Sealing Technologies.  “With the expected on-shoring of medical device manufacturing, the Urania product is well suited for medium and high-volume applications.”

The combined strengths of SencorpWhite and Urania maximizes our innovative technologies for customers seeking solutions to meet the ever evolving packaging requirements for a variety of industries. Regardless of scope, the blending of technologies and technical expertise provides proven, cost-effective results.

You can view rotary band heat sealer technology at and learn how SencorpWhite products improve your business with packaging technology and innovative system solutions, as well as industry-leading service.

About CeraTek and Accu-Seal: CeraTek and Accu-Seal are business units of SencorpWhite and offer the latest technology and trends in constant heat and impulse heat medical pouch sealers, vacuum chamber sealers, and custom machinery. SencorpWhite, founded in 1947 and headquartered in Massachusetts, is also comprised of White automated storage, Intek and Minerva software, and Sencorp thermoforming systems.

About Urania: Urania Engineering is an American-based manufacturing company using innovative technology and a modular approach to machine design aimed at satisfying the needs of evolving industries. The company uses an in-house operations approach, keeping all stages of the manufacturing process at their Northeast Pennsylvania facility.