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CeraTek and Accu-Seal at Pack Expo 2022

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SencorpWhite is a leading provider of unique end-to-end automated solutions for the packaging and management of our client’s products. Mindful organizations around the world count on us when precision and accuracy matter most.

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The CeraTek product line is a family of constant heat sealers for medical pouches and trays which are fully validatable and calibratable and are CE & ISO-11607 compliant. With a broad offering of options, including optional evacuation/gas flush capabilities and vacuum draw to 5 milli-bar, CeraTek provides superior solutions for the most challenging requirements. Sample IQ/OQ protocol documents and 2-year warranties are available for most models.

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Accu-Seal designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of impulse heat sealing equipment for seal only, vacuum and seal, or gas-vacuum-seal applications. We build quality machines that help build your business, supporting the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial, food, cosmetic, chemical, water filtration, and aerospace industries.

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Urania is an industry leader for medium and high volume packaging applications. The 4000P and 5000P rotary band sealers are engineered to deliver the accuracy and repeatability required for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging. Their efficiency and reliability also make them well-suited for food and dry bulk product packaging applications.

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