12 and 24 P/2 Medical Pouch Sealer

Add a few benefits. Maybe a feature. Unique selling point, yes!

The 12 and 24 P2 medical pouch sealers are the legacy PLC based table top constant heat bar sealers. The controls system utilizes a Panasonic PLC and HMI to control and display process parameters, actuals, and alarm values.  

Specifications & Benefits

The 12P2 is capable of sealing up to an 11.5 inch wide pouch. And the 24 P2 is capable of sealing up to a 23.5 inch wide pouch. The constant heat bars have a very tight temperature tolerance and a very stable temperature control which is generated by custom wound heaters that run the length of the sealing die.

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12 and 24 P2 Medical Pouch Sealers

The constant heat technology provides the highest level of accuracy and repeatability for manual sealing processes and a medium cycle rate. The base machine includes the ability to program all process parameters and high and low alarm values. Includes operator lockout features and output ports on the side of the machine for ease of validation and calibration. The constant heat technology provides the lowest maintenance and highest uptime of any technology medical device flexible packaging industry.  

Product & Customization Options

Top and bottom heat available, pouch location features, data acquisition (any other list of features available to purchase on machine), bag sizes available. Recipe storage. Tool verification? Barcode scanning for recipe selection. Material sensors for detecting the pouch orientation. Electronic pressure regulator. Work surfaces for aligning the pouch correctly.