Unprecedented times require innovative solutions: White launches its Grocery Carousel™ to meet the demand on pickup operations

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DLC, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — White, a US based manufacturer in Hyannis MA, is excited to announce the immediate availability of the Grocery Carousel™ designed to revolutionize grocery pickup operations utilizing intelligent storage and integrated software. Supermarket chains are realizing over a 200% increase in their buy online, pick-up at store order volume. The Grocery Carousel allows stores to prepare and buffer online orders more efficiently to assemble and manage many orders in a small footprint.

The storage and quick retrieval of the large quantities of online grocery orders for dynamic customer pick-up has become very challenging.  The impact of COVID-19 has caused multi-day delays and capacity surges that can be problematic without an automated solution. Maintaining large orders with many items, bags, or totes can be challenging without mechanization and the maximization of space. Customers expect fast and efficient order handling within limited reservation windows.

The Grocery Carousel is already improving the efficiency of store pickup and improving customer curbside delivery rates for online orders in multiple states across the country. Accuracy and speed are easily achieved by efficiently managing orders within an intelligent storage solution. Long customer wait times are dramatically reduced as the Grocery Carousel quickly spins to retrieve requests for multiple customers with varying size orders. While the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented demand, many new customers say they will continue this new form of shop online and pick up at store well into the future.  The ability of retailers to keep up with these increasing demands and efficiency requirements will be essential to keep existing customers and acquiring new online users.

Adam Kraft, White Systems National Retail Sales Director says, “The Grocery Carousel brings immediate improvements to order retrieval speed and reduced customer wait times associated with the traditional grocery pick-up model. The solution allows retailers to utilize wasted and unused vertical wall space to in turn maximize the number of online orders produced in shorter periods of time.  Stores additionally benefit by reducing already cluttered aisles giving expensive floor space back or subsequently increasing the hourly capacity of the pickup operation.”

Corey Calla, President of White Systems says, “This is the first of a series of innovative solutions for grocery and retail customers in response to the changing environment. The Grocery Carousel is the solution for rapid order processing, efficient storage and customer retention. Even amidst high volumes of online orders, the White Grocery Carousel will eliminate chaos and decrease order cycle times allowing the retailer to process up to 400% more hourly orders”